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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to on/off pc automatically

I was wondering if that is a program or a way to program my PC to turn On and Off automatically at certain during the day. Then i find solution.

1. open up notepad
2. type in "echo wakeing up" in, and save it as wakeup.bat in somewhere conveniant
3. in a new file, type "shutdown /h /t 0" and save this as hiber.bat in the same directory as wakeup.bat
4. launch the task scheduler from contol panel -> administrative tools
5. click on task sheduler library in the left hand panel
6. right click in the top middle pane and click create new task
7. name it as 'wakeup'
8. on the triggers tab, click new, select begin this task -> 'on a shedule' enter the date/time that you want the computer to wakeup
9. on the actions tab, click new, click browse and find the wakeup.bat file you made earlyer
10. on the conditions tab, select 'wake the computer to run this task'
11. click ok
12. repeat steps 6-11, except name the task 'hiber', shedule it to run when you want it to hibernate, and select hiber.bat instead of wakeup.bat

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