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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Scan a Document into Word 2007 and 2010?

In the previous editions of Microsoft Office, you could insert a document into Word straight away from the scanner. You could do this by choosing "From Scanner or Camera" in the "Insert" tab of Word. However, Microsoft Word 2007 does not let you scan something straight into a Word document. Now you have to scan the document and transfer it to a particular file type. Then you have to utilize the Microsoft Office Document Imaging application. It is used to prepare for publication as well as manage the document in Word 2007.
1. First of all, you have to install the Microsoft Office Document Imaging application.

i) Click on the "Start" button.

ii) Open the "Control Panel” and click on "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP. In Vista, you have to click on "Programs and Features".

iii) Choose "Microsoft Office" and click on "Change."

iv) Choose "Add or Remove Features" in the window pane which appears.

v) Click on "Office Tools".

vi) Select Microsoft Document Imaging from the list.

vii) Click on Continue to install.

2. Scan the document in the scanner.

3. Next you have to save the scanned document in the TIFF file format. This is what you have to do:

i. Select to copy the document which you scanned.

ii. Paste the scanned document into "Microsoft Paint". You can also use some other graphics program.

iii. Click on the "File" button on the top left corner to see the menu.

iv. Click on "Save As".

v. The Save As dialog box will appear. In the "Save as Type" box at the bottom, change the file type to TIFF.

vi. Close Microsoft Paint or any other graphics program you are using.

4. Open Microsoft Document Imaging from the Microsoft Office Tools in the Start menu.

5. Now you have to open the scanned document by going to the "File" menu in Microsoft Document Imaging. You have to click “Open” to open the TIFF file you saved.

6. In the end you have to send this file to Word 2007.

i. In Microsoft Document Imaging, open the "Edit" menu.

ii. Choose "Select All."

iii. Open the "Tools" menu.

iv. Choose "Send Text to Word." Check that "All Pages" as well as "Maintain Pictures" are chosen.

v. Click on the "OK" button.

This method will send your scanned document to Microsoft Word 2007.

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